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Our Mission,


We are a customer-oriented agricultural company that creates exceptional value for our stakeholders through innovation and knowledge.


To be the agricultural science leader by empowering people to improve lives.



Respecting and honoring Stoller stakeholders.


Striving to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the best solutions.


Living according to Stoller core values.


Continuously pursuing new services, products and processes.


Pursuing and sharing information to create value.


Achieving the highest consistent quality and performance.

The Stoller Group was born more than 40 years ago out of the insatiable curiosity of Jerry Stoller to learn the language of the plants and his motivation to share that knowledge with the world. Stoller has then been recognized as the world leader in the development and sales of Crop Health Products. Its representatives in more than 50 countries are active in the research, development and distribution of products that would greatly help maximize the growth potential of plants.

Stoller’s  genuine drive to help the agricultural sector work has propelled them into the forefront of the Crop Health Product market.

From being a day dreamer, Jerry Stoller now is recognized globally as a leading authority on plant nutrition.

Stoller Philippines, on the other hand, was established in April 1999 to bring to the Filipino farmer an evolving technology in crop health therapy and management. Stoller Philippines has over 30 products registered with the Fertilizer & Pesticide Authority. These products cover a complete line of various plant growth regulators, conventional fertilizers and micronutrient fertilizer products distributed nationwide.

Further, the company is also a major associate of various multinational companies like Dole Philippines, Chiquita Unifruitti, Pioneer Hi- Breed, etc. in developing innovative crop nutrition standards.

To date, Stoller is dedicated to helping producers understand and naturally enhance the genetic potential of plants.

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