How do these active ingredients affect plant growth?

Growing a thriving, healthy plant does not come easy, as they need proper nurturing in order to achieve a certain level of growth from expectations.
In order to do this, plants need to be supplied with minerals and nutrients, and sometimes, in large quantities.
By knowing what nutrition needs to be fed to the variety of your plant, you will have the advantage of maximizing the yield of your farm.

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Stoller Products - Active Ingredients

FamilyProductActive IngredientsPercentage
NutriceuticalsFlower PowerBoron (B)3
NutriceuticalsFlower PowerChelated Copper (Cu)0.1
NutriceuticalsFlower PowerChelated Zinc (Zn)4
NutriceuticalsFlower PowerMolybdenum (Mo)0.002
NutriceuticalsFruit PowerBoron (B)0.0345
NutriceuticalsFruit PowerCalcium (Ca)5.5
NutriceuticalsGreen KeeperCytokinin as Kinetin0.0036
NutriceuticalsGreen KeeperGibberellic Acid (GA3)3.6
NutriceuticalsNBXBoron (B)7
NutriceuticalsNBXMolybdenum (Mo)0.004
NutriceuticalsN-LargeGibberellic Acid (GA3)4
NutriceuticalsN-LargeOther Ingredients96
NutriceuticalsReZistCopper (Cu)1.75
NutriceuticalsReZistManganese (Mn)1.75
NutriceuticalsReZistZinc (Zn)1.75
NutriceuticalsRoot FeedNitrogen (N)9
NutriceuticalsRoot FeedCalcium (Ca)7
NutriceuticalsRoot FeedMagnesium (Mg)1.5
NutriceuticalsRoot FeedBoron (B)0.1
NutriceuticalsRoot PowerBoron (B)1
NutriceuticalsRoot PowerZinc (Zn)4
NutriceuticalsStimulateCytokinin as Kinetin0.009
NutriceuticalsStimulateGibberellic Acid (GA3)0.005
NutriceuticalsStimulateIndole-3-Butyric Acid0.005
NutriceuticalsStimulateInert Ingredients99.981
NutriceuticalsSugar MoverBoron (B)8
NutriceuticalsSugar MoverMolybdenum (Mo)0.004
NutriceuticalsX-CyteCytokinin as Kinetin0.04
NutriceuticalsX-CyteInert Ingredients99.96
NutriceuticalsX-PandGibberellic Acid (GA3)12
NutriceuticalsX-PandOther Ingredients88
Plant PerformanceBio-ForgePotassium Hydroxide3
Plant PerformanceBio-ForgeUrea2
Plant PerformanceCal-GuardAvailable Phosphate (P2O5)30
Plant PerformanceCal-GuardCalcium (Ca)7
Plant PerformanceCarrierPure Vegetable Oil92.34
Plant PerformanceCaBCalcium (Ca)6
Plant PerformanceCaBBoron (B)2
Plant PerformanceNitrate BalancerBoron (B)9
Plant PerformanceNitrate BalancerMolybdenum (Mo)0.005
Plant PerformanceNitro Plus 9Urea Nitrogen9
Plant PerformanceNitro Plus 9Calcium (Ca)9
Plant PerformanceNitro Plus 9Boron (B)0.1
Plant PerformanceStandSoluble Calcium8
Plant PerformanceStandAmine Nitrogen15
Plant PerformanceTop CopSulfur, as elemental50
Plant PerformanceTop CopTribasic Copper Sulfate8.4
Plant PerformanceTop CopInert Ingredients41.6
Plant PerformanceVigor-SSulfur (S)4
Plant PerformanceVigor-SZinc (Zn)9
Plant PerformanceX-Press GANitrogen (N)12
Plant PerformanceX-Press GACalcium (Ca)3
Plant PerformanceX-Press GAPotassium3
MicromateMicromate Zinc 200Zinc (Zn)20
MicromateMicromate Zinc 200Iron (Fe)12
MicromateMicromate Zinc 200Sulfur (S)6
MicromateMicromate Zinc 200Manganese (Mn)1
MicromateMicromate Zinc 200Molybdenum (Mo)15
MicromateMicromate P/V MixCalcium (Ca)9
MicromateMicromate P/V MixMagnesium (Mg)6
MicromateMicromate P/V MixSulfur (S)5.5
MicromateMicromate P/V MixZinc (Zn)5
MicromateMicromate P/V MixIron (Fe)2
MicromateMicromate P/V MixManganese (Mn)1.2
MicromateMicromate P/V MixCopper (Cu)25
MicromateMicromate P/V MixBoron (B)20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-5-45+TETotal Nitrogen (N)5
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-5-45+TEUrea Nitrogen5
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-5-45+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)5
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-5-45+TESoluble Potash (K2O)45
Harvest MoreHarvest More 00-40-00+TETotal Nitrogen (N)0
Harvest MoreHarvest More 00-40-00+TEUrea Nitrogen0
Harvest MoreHarvest More 00-40-00+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)40
Harvest MoreHarvest More 00-40-00+TESoluble Potash (K2O)0
Harvest MoreHarvest More 4-0-48+TETotal Nitrogen (N)4
Harvest MoreHarvest More 4-0-48+TEUrea Nitrogen4
Harvest MoreHarvest More 4-0-48+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)0
Harvest MoreHarvest More 4-0-48+TESoluble Potash (K2O)48
Harvest MoreHarvest More 4-0-48+TETotal Nitrogen (N)4
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-10-27+TETotal Nitrogen (N)5
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-10-27+TEUrea Nitrogen5
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-10-27+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)10
Harvest MoreHarvest More 5-10-27+TESoluble Potash (K2O)27
Harvest MoreHarvest More 12-2-44+TETotal Nitrogen (N)12
Harvest MoreHarvest More 12-2-44+TEUrea Nitrogen12
Harvest MoreHarvest More 12-2-44+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)2
Harvest MoreHarvest More 12-2-44+TESoluble Potash (K2O)44
Harvest MoreHarvest More 15-15-30+TETotal Nitrogen (N)15
Harvest MoreHarvest More 15-15-30+TEUrea Nitrogen2
Harvest MoreHarvest More 15-15-30+TEAmmoniacal Nitrogen8
Harvest MoreHarvest More 15-15-30+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)15
Harvest MoreHarvest More 15-15-30+TESoluble Potash (K2O)30
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-5-30+TETotal Nitrogen (N)20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-5-30+TEUrea Nitrogen20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-5-30+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)5
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-5-30+TESoluble Potash (K2O)30
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-20-20+TETotal Nitrogen (N)20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-20-20+TEUrea Nitrogen20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-20-20+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 20-20-20+TESoluble Potash (K2O)20
Harvest MoreHarvest More 30-10-10+TETotal Nitrogen (N)30
Harvest MoreHarvest More 30-10-10+TEUrea Nitrogen30
Harvest MoreHarvest More 30-10-10+TEAvailable Phosporic Acid (P2O5)10
Harvest MoreHarvest More 30-10-10+TESoluble Potash (K2O)10
PesticideGNSOSoybean Oil93

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