Harvest More is a line of dry soluble fertilizers that rapidly dissolves in your tank to meet nutritional requirement of the plant. It is available in a number of formulas to meet almost any needs of the plant and can be applied as a foliar spray or through irrigation (fertigation). It can apply to fruit and other crops nearing maturity, leaving little or no visible residue at harvest.

Harvest More is formulated to be compatible with most common pesticides and fungicides. It is uniform in analysis with every drop containing the same analysis.


RICE Direct Seeded 4 tbsp.-6tbsp/16L water Apply 15 days after seed germination 10 days spray interval.
RICE Transplanted 4 tbsp.-6tbsp/16L water Apply 12-15 days after transplanting. 10 days spray interval.
CORN 6tbsp/16L water Apply at 4-5 leaf Stage 10 days spray interval.
SUGARCANE 8 tbsp-10tbsp/16L water Spray 40-45 days after planting or ratoon. 30 days spray interval.
MANGO 6 tbsp-8 tbsp/16L water Apply 7-14 days before flower induction. 15 days spray interval.
DURIAN/CITRUS 6tbsp-8tbsp/16L water Apply 30 days after  field transplanting. 15 days spray interval
COFFEE/CACAO 6tbsp-8tbsp/16L water Apply 30 days after field transplanting 15 days spray interval
TOMATO 4 tbsp-6tbsp/16L water Apply at 8 to 10 leaf stage.                                                         10 days spray interval.
CABBAGE WATERMELON 4 tbsp-6tbsp/16L water Apply 12-14 days after tranplanting.                                           14 days spray interval.
POTATO AND CARROT 4 tbsp-6tbsp/16L water Apply at 8 to 10 leaf stage.                                                         15 days spray interval.


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