STIMULATE 500mL per 50 liters of water Soak caneĀ  points for at least 30 minutes before field planting.
MICROMATE Zinc Combine 10 kgs Micromate Zinc 200 with 10 kgs Micromate PV Mix. Apply with standard ground fertilizer.
NITRO PLUS 9 10 Liters per hectare Dribble spray 10 liters per hectare at furrow/base of cane plants.
SUGAR MOVER 5 Liters per hectare Foliar apply at 45 to 60 days prior to date of harvest.
XLR8 6 Liters per hectare FirstĀ  Application : 3 Liters per hectare of XLR8 45 days prior to harvest date.

Second Application: 3 Liters per hectare 30 days prior to harvest date.

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