X-Cyte is a technical grade Cytokinin product used as a foliar application in order to increase the size and vigor of roots. X-Cyte is normally used to supplement root hormones for cell division in plants where the root system needs to be re-established due to severe stress (i.e. flooding, nematodes, etc.), for normal growth of new roots, leaves, seed, storage tissue or fruit. It can also delay plant leaf senescence by inhibiting  premature dying  of leaves.

Stoller’s  Plant Performance Products are  not replacements for sound agronomy and fertility programs. They work in concert with good farming practices for maximum yield and quality


RICE 50mL/16L water at 12 sprayer tanks per ha. Spray20 Day After Transplanting (DAT)
SUGARCANE 1L/ha. at  12 sprayer tanks per ha. Spray onto the crown within 7 days  after cutting or stubble shave.
PINEAPPLE 2L/ha. at 12 sprayer tanks  per ha. 14-21 Days After Forcing.
CORN 1L/ha. at  12 sprayer tanks per ha. Apply 60-70 Days After Sowing (DAS)
PALM OIL                       Foliar Application                 Field Application 10mL/L water at 12 sprayer tanks per ha.                                     2L/ha per 150L of water at 12 sprayer tanks per ha. Foliar spray seedlings once every month starting 4 weeks after sowing of seeds.                                                                         Drench 1L of the solution at the base of the plant every month.

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