X-Press GA is a fluid nutrient compound designed to prevent nutrient deficiencies in pants. X-Press GA  is a valuable supplement to soil-applied nutrients and is particularly beneficial under conditions where soil nutrients  are not readily available. X-Press GA will provide nutrients at periods of fruit or flower development. X-Press GA has a pH of 2.0 to 3.5 and will buffer spray tank water. The used of additional buffering agents may result in crop damage. X-Press GA will disperse in water with little agitation.Many pesticides can be added and applied while spraying X-Press GA .

Stoller’s  Plant Performance Products are not replacements for sound agronomy and fertility programs. They work in concert with good farming practices for maximum yield and quality.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS:  1. Water         2. X-Press GA             3.  Pesticides

CAUTION: Be sure to conduct “Jar Test” using all products in proper proportion in order to establish physical compatibility.





RATE ( 1TBSP=10mL)


FIELD ROW CROPS AND VEGETABLES 4L/ha. Use a row directed spray. Start application when the crop has 2 to 3 leaves or is 120 days old.  Continue sprays at 10 to 14 day intervals.
TREE, FRUITS AND NUTS 4L/ha. Apply 5 to 6 times annually, beginning with  delayed dormant spray, Spray intervals of 15b days are suggested for best results.
CITRUS 4L/ha. Apply every 30 days. Do not mix petroleum spray oils or ammoniate copper compounds.
SOIL-SEEDED FIELD CROPS 4L/ha. Apply when the crop is 3 inches high. Continue on 15 day intervals until crop is in 15 days before harvest.

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